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The debate the best option to choose between online or land-based casinos for slots is ongoing, but each side has great benefits and both are great fun. Land Based Slots Pros and Cons The pros of visiting a land-based casino are appealing, with the socializing aspect the most obvious draw for the masses. A ‘real world” casino is loaded with entertainment, from bars to shows to people watching and to the main attraction for many – real life slot machines. Another pro of land based casinos are the many different types of betting action available – everything from slots to placing sporting bets with current AFL betting odds, but this can easily be accessed online https://casinos-and-more.info/ . While the pros of Land based casinos are a draw, the cons can be a bit off putting. From masses of people, to prices of drinks – many things can detract from a exciting evening in land based casino. If you think of the amount of cash that needs to be laid out for a trip, you need to factor in travel costs, hotel stays, restaurant bills, etc. you will soon realize the massive cost implications. And added to all this is the possibility that the casino you visit does not have the game you enjoy – or worse a fellow player is hogging your number one game!